Long Track Type Dozers

The Shantui extended track bulldozer is a modification of the standard model, featuring advanced performance, high reliability, low fuel consumption and convenient maintenance. The machine has an extended track, increasing the overall length of track on the ground and thereby reducing ground pressure. With excellent maneuverability, the extended track bulldozer is well adapted to the earth moving operations on soft ground. 

Shantui extended track bulldozer adopts extended bogie, featuring advanced and reasonable structure, flexible operations of working device, and easy maintenances and repairs, and is suitable for more severe working environments.

Shantui bulldozers are often used in road building, construction, mining, forestry, land clearing, infrastructure development, and any other projects requiring highly mobile, powerful, and stable earth-moving equipment. Shantui hydraulic drive series bulldozer features high technologic content, advanced and reasonable design, strong power, high productivity, and easy maintenances and repairs and can adapt to severe working conditions.

Shantui 160HP SD16E Bulldozer
Shantui 160HP SD16E Bulldozer

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